Cloarec Surf Institute

We are both professional competitive surfers and graduates of BPJEPS Surf, originally from Brittany and adopted Landes since 2006. Later we anchored in Seignosse le Penon, after having surfed a large majority of the waves of the whole world.

         The time has come for us, the Cloarec brothers, to commit to this day in a new surfing adventure…
hence the creation of a Surf School in Seignosse in the Landes!

Precisely thanks to it, we want to share and transmit to a large audience, our passion for surfing. As well as our knowledge acquired during all these years of competition, whether in the French Team (for 6 years) as on the professional World Surf League circuit (Pro Junior and WQS).

Thanks to this, we wish to offer an authentic and methodical teaching which will have to meet the wishes of each one, privileging more the communication, the exchange, the confidence, and effectively the adaptability with adequate material. We also target people in search of excellence and performance, because we also offer formulas for small group lessons, private lessons and private coaching or competition coaching.

Our goal is also to introduce both “novice surfers” and “experienced surfers” this intense pleasure that sliding can generate!








Two brothers...

professional surfers