A personalized program, ideal for perfecting your skills all year round in the Landes waves on the Penon beach in Seignosse, close to the famous surf spots of Hossegor and Capbreton.

Targeted surfing

Do you dream of being able to do tricks? Do you need self-confidence and a coach to push you? At the Cloarec Surf Institute, training sessions are tailored to your needs.

The Cloarec brothers will do everything they can to help you make the most of your performance and progress in your surfing.

Come and try your hand at surf coaching!

video analysis

A very important moment in a sportsman’s life: knowing how to analyze his choices and postures to improve rapidly. Tom and Nelson Cloarec dissect your gestures for visible progress.

Your surfing session is filmed and once back at the surf school, we analyze the videos together and observe your technique, your mistakes, areas for improvement, your strengths and weaknesses to help you take action on your surfing.

Competition program

Do you dream of competing? The Cloarec Brothers, former competitors with a host of successes to their name, put their know-how and expertise at your service with the surf coaching formula.

Indeed, competitive surfing has been an integral part of our lives, so we can say that we are more than capable of teaching and training our students in competitive surfing.

Every year, we welcome our youngsters, who we take great pleasure in training throughout the year to help them achieve their goals, surpass themselves in the beautiful sport of surfing and rank in the annual sporting competitions.

Is surf coaching for you?

We feel this formula is best suited to those wishing to improve their skills with a learning program, or to receive personalized instruction with follow-up tailored to your needs and objectives, provided by two surf coaching instructors and former pro surfers, Tom and Nelson Cloarec. Their professional experience will be put at your service to follow your own path to excellence.

Surf coaching is more than just surfing lessons, it’s more than just surfing for fun. With our coaches, you can define your goals and ask them to go beyond your current skills and make the most of your surfing potential!

Seasoned surfers

The pro team

Tom Cloarec

3x French Junior Champion
2x European Junior Champion
2nd in WSL Pro Junior ranking
9th in the WSL Pro Junior World Ranking
1st Lacanau WSL Pro Junior
1st Royan WSL Pro Junior
French team member

Nelson Cloarec

2x French Champion
WSL European Champion
European Junior Champion
European vice-champion
Top 3 WQS rankings 2016/2017
1st Pro Junior WSL Canaries
2nd WQS Morocco WSL


what we offer


After each training session, we analyse the sets and waves together with the aim of making progress, pointing out each person’s faults and advantages.


Coaching follow-up booklet (exclusive)

Each student is given an individual logbook to record his or her progress, objectives and progress assessment.

Session and follow-up tailored to your objectives

At the Cloarec Surf Institute, sessions are tailored to your goals. We define together your weak points to work on them at your own pace.

Competition season planning tips

Planning competitions isn’t easy, you have to know how to adapt your training and manage your time… that’s what we’re here for too!


Event and competition coaching

Your coach travels to and accompanies you at your competition spots to support you and push you towards excellence.

Choice of spot according to conditions and level

Our training sessions are tailored to each individual’s level and take place at the best spots on the coast. Before each session we consult the webcam and forecast.


  • Groups of 4 to 8 people: 10-session pass (September-November/April-June): €250 for kids/youths and €350 for adults
  • Individuals: €120 for 2 hours
  • Specific: adapted to the person’s wishes and objectives

2h = 1h30 surfing + 30 minutes video analysis

We feel that this formula is best suited to people wishing to perfect their skills with a learning program, or to receive personalized instruction with follow-up tailored to your needs and objectives.

Our professional experience will be at your service to help you follow your own path to excellence…

September to November / April to June: 10-session pass (group of 4 to 8 people) = €250 for kids/youths and €350 for adults


Year-round formula: On request