Professional competitive surfers with a BPJEPS Surf diploma, originally from Brittany and Landais by adoption since 2006, we dropped anchor at Seignosse le Penon, having surfed most of the world’s waves.

We’re delighted! We’re Tom and Nelson Cloarec, two brothers who are professional surfing competitors and BPJEPS Surfing graduates. Originally from Brittany and Landais by adoption since 2006, we dropped anchor in Seignosse le Penon, after surfing most of the world’s waves.

Tom is the eldest. Born in Auray in Brittany on 07/01/1994, he’s a goofy footballer who loves surfing the current lefts of Seignosse le Penon!

Nelson is the youngest. Born on 12/05/1996 in Quiberon, he’s a regular with exemplary backside precision on the lefts of Seignosse le Penon.

And in French, what does it look like?

What we mean here is that when they surf, Tom has his right foot in front while Nelson has his left foot in front! (just to not copy his big brother). Lefts are waves that roll to the left, so to speak, towards the North (so you’ll understand that a right is a wave that rolls towards the South!). So, on the lefts, Tom is frontside (facing the wave as he has his right foot in front) and Nelson is said to have a talented mastery of his backside on the lefts (back to the wave, left foot in front). Is all this vocabulary scary? Don’t worry, you don’t need to master it to join us – it’s just to get you into the swing of things! ;D


So let’s get on with it!

Tom specializes in coaching and video analysis, and will give you the keys to making your surfing grow, whether you’re a competitor or a surfing enthusiast!

Nelson specializes in intermediate lessons and will guide you along the Seignosse le Penon line-ups to help you understand the Penon spot and its sandbanks.

The time had come for us to settle down, and it was in the Landes region of France that we ended up setting up our conversion project from pro surfer to surf instructor/coach at Seignosse le Penon. We’ve been passionate about surfing since we were kids, and we’re keen to share our passion, so surf coaching was an opportunity for us to combine the two.

As connoisseurs of the industry and keen to see it grow even more, we can contribute to its growth and popularity by giving surfing lessons to novices and future surf cracks alike.

Tom Cloarec

7 years in the French Junior Team for the European and World Championships

Professional surfer with Pro Juniors (ages 13-20) and WQS (around age 17).


NELSON Cloarec

French Junior Team
European Junior Champion

Professional surfer with the Pro Juniors
European Pro Champion (under 21) in September 2015

WQS Pro Tour