Surf Lessons & Courses Rates
in Seignosse | Cloarec Surf Institute

The Cloarec Surf Institute surf school at Seignosse le Penon in the Landes region of France opens its doors to you every day of the summer to give surf lessons for beginners to advanced surfers, children (from 5 years old) and adults.

Our Surf School packages

Start from scratch and reach your goals with our surf coaches / instructors, former pro surfers Tom and Nelson Cloarec.

We offer affordable rates of 38€ for an initiation, to enable as many people as possible to try their hand at surfing the Atlantic Ocean on the beaches of the Landes.

Interested in learning to surf in Seignosse le Penon? Are you visiting Seignosse, Hossegor, Capbreton, Soustons or Vieux-Boucau? Come and join us!

  • Rate for 1 Seignosse le Penon discovery/learning surfing session: €38
  • Rate for 3 surfing sessions at Seignosse le Penon (to progress while practicing!): €105

Would you like to optimize your learning and have a coach all to yourself, so that you can make maximum progress in a single lesson?

  • One-to-one tuition: €90
  • Duo price: €130 for 2. (Motivate yourselves as a pair and come and progress together!)
  • Private lesson + video analysis: €120/person. (Be filmed by our coaches and debrief your session with the support of your filmed session. This will allow you to become aware of your level, take a step back from your technique and be able to analyze your strengths and areas for improvement.)

For the more motivated, come and take a 5-day surfing course at our surf school in Seignosse le Penon. Priced at 170€, or 34€ per course, bring your motivation and we’ll take care of the rest! (wetsuit, surfboard, beach and lesson times adapted to take advantage of the best possible conditions).

Want to go even further? take part in our intensive 5-day surfing course! 10 surf lessons, 2 per day, to ensure optimum progress. 300€ for 10 sessions of 2 hours surfing on Seignosse le Penon beach (i.e. 30€/session).

Why choose us?

The Cloarec Surf Institute is a small, family-run school located in Seignosse Océan, just a few meters from Penon beach.

A warm welcome

As soon as you arrive, you’ll be greeted by Carole and Didier, the coaches’ parents.
The family spirit is there, 100%.

Fully equipped premises

The premises were renovated in 2020, with shower, cloakroom, rest area… enough to spend pleasant and relaxed moments.

State-of-the-art equipment

Our partners provide us with the latest wetsuits and foam boards every year. So you’re on the cutting edge!

Quality courses

Tom and Nelson are two former surf competitors. Listening and smiling, they’ll guide you through the waves with ease.

Giant beaches

Seignosse’s beaches are renowned for their vastness. Enough to find quality spots.

A year-round club

The Cloarec brothers offer both high-season and year-round packages…

Wave garden

from 5 to 8 years

The “Wave Garden” formula is designed exclusively for young audiences aged 5 to 8.

A fun way to learn the activity is to discover the equipment and gently encounter the waves.

Children benefit from safe supervision adapted to their abilities, with appropriate equipment and teaching methods.


We answer all the usual questions here…
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a discovery session?

This formula is open to all, except for pitchouns, for whom we offer a special “Jardin des Vagues” formula (ages 5 to 8).

Our goal is to help you discover the basics of surfing in the most fun way possible, as well as the pleasure of riding in complete safety. – discovering the aquatic environment and the practice site
– knowledge of the safety rulesspan,
– preparation before launching (muscle and joint warm-up, body surfing)
– learning the 1st technical bases of surfspan,
– debriefing of the session

What does the course package include?

This formula is designed for people of all levels. Our aim with this course is to give you the opportunity to improve your surfing skills throughout the week. By setting objectives adapted to the wave conditions, your knowledge of the element and your technical progress, we aim to make you autonomous. So you can have maximum fun!

We’ll give you a course follow-up booklet, created exclusively by us, to fill in on a daily basis to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and work on them to make rapid progress.

Are private lessons only for professionals?

Private lessons are available for all levels, from beginners to intermediate and advanced surfers. Our aim is to design a session to suit your level and desires.

The session will then be tailored to each individual so that you learn to push your limits and progress more quickly.

What is the 3-session package?

With this 3-session package, our aim is to introduce you to the basics of surfing in the most fun way possible, as well as the pleasure of riding in complete safety.

These will enable us to monitor your progress, so that you can become autonomous in the water and experience your first real gliding sensations.

How these sessions are run :

  • Discovering the aquatic environment and the practice site
  • Learn about safety rules
  • Warm-up (muscular, joint, body surfing)
  • Learn the basics of surfing techniques
  • Debriefing the session
  • Setting objectives for the next session
Is coaching for me?

We feel that this formula is best suited to people wishing to perfect their skills with a learning program, or to receive personalized instruction with follow-up tailored to your needs and objectives.

Our professional experience will help you to follow your own path to excellence…

Does my child need to know how to swim?

It’s not essential for your child to be able to swim breaststroke, but he or she must be able to move safely in the water, keep his or her head above water and return to shore.

What does a surf lesson include?

The price of a surf lesson includes:

– the customer’s equipment,

– his accompaniment,

– its preparation,

– his information,

As well as its 1h30 surf session.

Indeed, when you arrive at the surf school at the time of the return fixed by your surf instructor according to the tide, the conditions, your level of surfing, you will be equipped with an adapted surf suit to the temperature of the water, a lycra, to differentiate you from other surfers, and a board adapted to your build and your surfing technique! then, you will be accompanied on the beach of Penon, THE surf spot of Seignosse le Penon, by your surf instructor or by a member of the team Cloarec Surf Institute if the latter is already in progress on the beach.

Once on the spot, you will be briefed on how the surf spot works, how the tides work, the use of sandbanks, but also on the essential rules to follow throughout your surf session and on the basics. surfing skills.

After a good warm-up, it’s time to get in the water!

1h30 will be dedicated to the pure practice of surfing. Under the watchful and reassuring eye of your surf instructor, take full advantage of this session while respecting his instructions and advice. Learn at your own pace and gain autonomy.

Finally, a debriefing of your session will be done on the beach: feedback on your strengths, your weaknesses, your areas for improvement, sharing your experience, feelings of your session and answering all your questions!

Once back at school, we will take care of cleaning your surf suit as well as your lycra, all you have to do is rinse your feet and go change in the locker room!

For those who wish, our small bar offers us the possibility of offering you refreshments or hot drinks for those who wish to extend the session a little longer surrounded by our team!