Like my brother Tom, I was born in Brittany (Quiberon) to parents passionate about winter sports (surfing and windsurfing). I was lucky to grow to the rhythm of the Breton waves which quickly became my favorite playground. I loved sharing surfing with Tom and it was obvious to me to follow in the footsteps of my “brother” by discovering the competition via departmental and regional events with our local club. I took pleasure in the habit of participating in competitions.

Passion surf

2006 was a big turning point in my “young life as a surfer”, following our move to Hossegor in the southwest! The wave conditions and the level in the water represented for me a springboard and an accelerating element for my progress in surfing.

Shortly after our arrival, we got our first sponsor with Tom. Then the competitions accelerated and after family consent, we chose a distance education in order to be able to train and surf as much as possible. It was also from this period that my first “surfing around the world” trips began! It was a privilege to be able to surf most of the mythical waves that thrill surf enthusiasts.

From the age of 14, I managed to join the French Junior Team with which I was able to participate in all the World and European championships and win a title of European Champion.

At the same time, I was taking part in the Junior Pro Tour (-21 years old WSL), an important step to “get my bearings” before entering the adult Pro circuit.

Pro Tour

The year 2015 was marked by a crucial turning point in my start to a professional career. Indeed, during a surf training Tom broke his tibia / fibula, compromising his year of competition. He was a big help to me as a big brother … Anyway, I used to delegate. Thus, this accident allowed me to grow and gain self-confidence, forcing me to manage myself on the circuit.

And it was with joy that I was rewarded with a title of European Pro Champion (-21 years old) in September 2015.

I then launched “body and soul” on the WQS world professional tour, benefiting from a certain experience, acquired thanks to all these competitions already experienced.

Cloarec Surf Insitute

A surf school in Seignosse

In 2017, I decided to prepare the surfing tutoring diploma while continuing the competition circuit. We were already thinking with Tom, creating a surf school to share our knowledge.

2020, our project is launched with the foundation of “Cloarec Surf Institute”!

Résultats majeurs

  • 2x Champion de France
  • Champion d’Europe WSL -21 ans
  • Champion d’Europe Junior
  • Vice-champion d’Europe -18 ans
  • Top 3 classement WQS 2016/2017
  • 1er Pro Junior WSL Canaries
  • 2ème WQS Maroc WSL